Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Service Dog Sandie or Sandy

Over the weekend we took a quick trip over to Hampton, Va. We couldn't take Ozzy with us but our daughter wasn't able to go anyway so she got to dog-sit Oz. While sitting on the beach we met this beautiful Rottie, Sandie/Sandy (I'm not sure of the spelling!). She is a Service Dog for her owner, Richard. Richard was in the Navy and injured in the war a few years back. Sandy had been his dog since a pup and he then had her trained as a Service Dog. This girl was so sweet and such a good listener! I just had to share her!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rest In Peace Lennox

We are so saddened after hearing the news this morning that they went ahead and put sweet Lennox down. BSL is disgusting. We need to stop it.

You enjoy life at the Rainbow Bridge now Lennox, free from judgement.

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And a beautiful tribute to Lennox *For Lennox*

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