Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Service Dog Sandie or Sandy

Over the weekend we took a quick trip over to Hampton, Va. We couldn't take Ozzy with us but our daughter wasn't able to go anyway so she got to dog-sit Oz. While sitting on the beach we met this beautiful Rottie, Sandie/Sandy (I'm not sure of the spelling!). She is a Service Dog for her owner, Richard. Richard was in the Navy and injured in the war a few years back. Sandy had been his dog since a pup and he then had her trained as a Service Dog. This girl was so sweet and such a good listener! I just had to share her!


  1. Very enjoying trip you have made with your dog. For dog its a real enjoyment place where they can do anything and fun in the sea shore. Your idea is unique one.

  2. OH!! Sandy/Sandie is a beauty!! Imagine a rottie that listens ALL THE TIME! What a concept! Actually, Bart and Ruby are my service dogs. Yeterday I was nursing a bad back and they cuddled with me all day!! they said, "snuggeling? at your service!!"